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Soft Shell Spa Relaxation and Sales

Summer is here for a while longer and Soft Shell has some techniques to beat the heat and allergies! Our Dreamtime Sinus pillows can be put in the freezer in a baggie and applied to cool head or heated slightly to increase circulation about the eye area to flush and relax. Have you tried our aloe azulene masque ( Soft Shell) or the cucumber detox masque ( PTR)? These masks are cooling and refreshing to the skin. If you are heat sensitive, ask for lotion instead of oil in your next massage. Depending on your skin type and porosity the therapist can mix a blend that is cooling to the skin. Book appointments early in the day to beat the midday heat. After a relaxing therapeutic massage, take a short nap to let oils and lotion moisturize your skin or take a cooling shower with aromatherapy to refresh your lymphatic system. Pick up some bubble bath or shower gel in our shop. Add Sombra or Capsicum Cryoderm analgesics to topically treat your skin. Our facials have steam and warm steamy towels to flush and stimulate skin but our estheticians will apply cooling masks, serums and moisturizers to calm your skin after the necessary extractions or treatments are completed. Now is the time to relax and shape up your skin!

Soft Shell has service providers in the massage therapist and facial department ready for same day or planned appointments. Did you know that Soft Shell has been in business for 27 years and providing services for that many years? We celebrate 28 years this fall! Our staff has expanded to 12 massage therapists and 5 estheticians. Our seven service rooms are ready for you and your service provider to address your face and body goals. Do you have aches and pains, stress, work/repetitive injuries or knots? Try our favorite De-stress Combo massage or a Deep Tissue Massage. Is your skin congested, dry or feeling its age? A Soft Shell facial increases circulation, plumps the appearance of skin and is really relaxing. We have a range of therapist and estheticians with different levels of experience but lots of enthusiasm for relaxing and serving you!

Have you updated your makeup collection in the last four years? Refresh your supplies after our makeup artists fluff up your look! Using contouring and shading techniques, you can bring out the beautiful shape and texture of your skin. Stock up on Soft Shell Skin Care. Try our oxygenating Bubble Up Cleanser or exfoliate with our AHA Exfoliating Cleanser with jojoba beads or spray on our Ginseng Hydrating Toner to cool and stimulate your skin. Do you like Aromatherapy? Pick out locally manufactured Snow Lotus or Nectar Essence Oils to add to and customize your own products. A little goes a long way!

Whether you need a gift card, a gift or a service, Soft Shell makes it easy. We really appreciate the community choosing us BEST DAY SPA in the Argus Courier contest!

Meet our new and dynamic estheticians who provide facials, waxing and makeup: Stella/facials. dermal planing, microdermabrasion and facial waxing, Iris/facials and waxing, Madeline/ facials, peels/makeup/waxing, Kathryn/ brow bar, waxing and facials. Lisa Pineda-cosmetology, makeup bar and artistry, brow bar and waxing. Our list of massage therapists has expanded: Chandell, Kelsey, Andrea, Michelle L, Michelle W, Katie, Diane, Susie, Regina, Lorin and Steve. Our reception staff is great with greeting and scheduling your to your need level. Call today! 707-773-4950 or text 707-782-2170


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