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Explore the World of Aromatherapy

at Soft Shell

Essential oils are known as the pure essence distilled from a plant, the most concentrated form of plant energy, in which often a single bottle of oil may contain the essence of hundreds of plants. Essential oils are known to have a number of physical and psychological benefits when used correctly and safely through methods such as gentle inhalation, dilution into lotions and carrier oils, and topically applied through localized massage. Inhalation of essential oils can be very powerful as the scent is one of the most impactful senses that stimulates the central nervous system.

Visit our boutique to explore our large selection of aromatherapy products and testers. Take the time to view our books and educational materials available so that you are able to learn how to incorporate the benefits and gifts of nature into your life. Scroll down to view some of the aromatherapy products we carry at Soft Shell.

Snow Lotus Aromatherapy

Snow Lotus is a certified organic artisan essential oil and facial skincare company based in Santa Rosa, California. Soft Shell carries a variety of these beautiful products including essential oils and absolutes, hydrosols, and facial serums. Try favorites like the Mature Blend (Lavender-Rose) Facial Serum, Rose Hydrosol, or the revitalizing Argan Oil serum.

Nectar Essences

Nectar Essences is an aromatherapy line based in Sebastopol, California.

Nectar Essences was founded with the desire to share the highest quality natural and organic remedies. These proprietary formulations reflect our dedication to scientific research and our in-depth knowledge of traditional medicinal practices. 

At Soft Shell we like to breathe in and feel better with blends such as the Energy Mood Boost, which is made up of bergamot, grapefruit, lemon, blood orange, silver fir, vetiver, and a proprietary blend of flower essences.

Nectar Essence

Clare Marie's Aromatherapy

Sonoma County made misters and body products made with natural oils and purified water. 

Herbal Oils

Elizabeth Van Buren 

Elizabeth Van Buren is an essential oil therapy company based in Santa Cruz, California since 1983. Recognized as a world leader in therapeutic grade essential oils, Elizabeth Van Buren takes great pride in assuring each oil is the purest and most effective. This is done by seeking superior sources of oils, using the ultimate in analysis techniques, and offering access to excellent educational resources. At Soft Shell we have displays of different levels consisting of essential oil singles, synergies, roll-on blends, as well as massage oils, hydrosols, and aromatherapy mists.

Candles, Incense, & Diffusers

In addition to essential oils, we carry a number of different brands of candles, incense, and diffusers to refresh the ambiance in any room or office:

  • Aloha Bay 

  • Aroma-Naturals

  • Crystal Journey

  • Mother's Fragrances

  •  & more!

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