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Petaluma's One Stop Day Spa for Aromatherapy, Natural Body Care & Gifts

Since 1996, Soft Shell has been a central part of Petaluma’s movement towards a revival of the senses. Imagine aromatic diffusers, soothing lotions, exhilarating bath salts, and body scrubs, luxurious bubble bath, incense, candles, loofahs and scrubbers, masks, shampoos, hand creams, foot pumice stones, and everything else associated with relaxation and rejuvenation available in one boutique for taking home to create your own personalized spa experience…. This can be made possible for you by shopping local at Soft Shell.


In our aromatherapy boutique, we carry over 30 different product lines,

ranging from local and organic goods to luxury imports. We have carefully chosen specific companies to represent a standard of quality, ethics, locality, longevity, and fair pricing for customers and clients.


Please help us keep our spa services at lower rates by taking the time to purchase your bath and beauty care in our store. By shopping in our aromatherapy gift boutique before and after services, we are able to buffer any increase in overhead and professional supply costs. Every purchase counts and also collectively helps to keep rates affordable for the community! You also receive a Customer Loyalty Stamp Card with retail purchases which amount to about a 10% savings over time.


Thank you for continuing to shop local at Soft Shell

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