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 See what our clients are saying about us

"I've been going there for the last

year and love this place!" "Very comfortable, calm and friendly...

What more could you want?"

Paul M.

"Great Facials!" "Nice Atmosphere!" 

Stephanie S.

"Love the atmosphere here." "Great health services and items!"

 Frannie H.

OMG, probably the best massage ever. I found a coupon and was so happy with my massage. They used hot towels for the last part that made me so relaxed!

Nancy D.

They accommodated my appointments for out of town guests and myself calling me back promptly and verifying date and services. 

Chris D.

Such an awesome experience and time at softshell, today and every time I visit. Knowledgable, helpful and friendly people, great, safe products.

Heather H.

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