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Shop Soft Shell Early and Local, Relax and Unwind

Yes we are open. Text 707-782-2170 for quiet escapes! Or call 707-773-4950 and leave a message about your times and needs. Our facial rooms are up and ready to clear your skin, plump up your aura and get you ready for special dinners and zooming with family near and far. Or shape up those brows. Make an appointment for massage therapy in advance because spaces will be limited through the holidays. You can use your gift card from last year, purchase gift cards for loved ones that can be flexible for services or retail, and if you purchase a $100.00 gift card from now until Dec 9th, you receive a retail $10.00 spiff to use in the store ( good for retail only). Enjoy our gift bags all dressed up with tissue and bows free with gift cards and $1.00 each for shoppers convenience. Our holiday gift selections are arriving every day so stock up and purchase early. You can order online for pickup from your home ( www.softshellpetaluma/ and do a quick spin about in the store or we can walk it out to you. We will be limiting the number of shoppers in the store from December 10th-24th. But usually there is room for everyone with our large double retail space and it's easy to find relaxation gifts. What to buy this year? We have some candles that have polished stones and flowers, Salt lamps that defeat blue light at night and produce negative ions and a relaxing glow. Take care of your skin with natural lotions and potions that blend into your skin and nourish. Your skin is a semi-permeable shell that needs attention.

Freshen up with some Bare Mineral skin care and makeup. Although there is no self -help with makeup, we can help you see and feel the powders and creams that can hydrate and nourish your skin with anti-aging plant power. and earth minerals Everyone can use a little sparkle and glow these days. Stock up on favorites like Complexion Rescue, Prime time, Mineral Veil, and Skin care: Butter Drench, Bare Haven, eye creams and Skin Longevity infusions). Stock up on Soft Shell Skin Care. Affordable and Effective. All you need!

Self massage and dry brushing can help your circulation and health. Bathe in sea salt or pink himalayan salts and feel the detox as hot water steams away the troubles. We have inflatable bath pillows, hand creams, soap bars, liquid soap, men's and earthier scents for facial shaving needs. Shave off the cave man and see the light of the outdoors! Are you in the quest for connection from below? The rocks and crystals that are part of the worlds history bring energy, beauty and life. Enjoy our selection of rough and polished rocks and crystals like amethyst, malachite, citrine, smoky quartz, selenite and more. Our show case is full of earthly delights. Get out of the sweats and dress up- even if it's in the safety of your unmasked home. We have earrings and bracelets and necklaces too. Many are semi-precious materials and light weight. Let's not get heavy about things right now.....keep it light and airy. Need some aromatherapy? With our made in California and Petaluma choices, you can pick the ones you want and smell them before you choose. Essential oils are the spirit gift of plants and they can add to your understanding and comfort as allies from nature. Don't forget to ask for a stamp card. You get points towards a discount and it''s nice to be rewarded for shopping local. Your purchases support all the lovely Soft Shell Staff. Many thanks to Clare, Molly, Elizabeth, Dirk, Alondra, Meghan and Meghan for working through the last stretching months with smiles beneath the mask. I appreciate all your loyalty and contribution to providing a healing and helpful space here in the heart of historic downtown Petaluma.

Please visit our Lanmart neighbors HEEBEEJEEBEE, BRIXX PIZERIA ( awesome salads and pizza), Lions and Tigers ( hair cuts for Children and Parents), Studio 44 Hair Salon, Renew Yoga ( zooming and more) and Pilates with Anne, Old Chicago Pizzeria ( deep and thin dish pizza and salads), Social Street, Marissa's Fantasia and The Christmas Store. Happy Holidays, Health and Love. SOFT SHELL


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