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Hello Soft Shell People

Time marches on. A lot of us have a little convenient memory fast forward. Here we are. Over the last few years we all faced shared challenges and our own battles. I faced my own obesity by losing 54 lbs. All the vegetables you can eat was the name of the game. A little indulgence added a few pounds back but all the joints feel much better. It is true that cutting out processed food really helps you on a cellular level. After reading many articles, I learned that one of the best things that one can add to your diet is vitamin D. Always consult a doctor and nutritionist when attempting to lose weight and get in shape. In my efforts to get healthy, I took baths to detoxify my skin, dry brushed my skin to help renew the outer shell of my body, kept my skin hydrated with V'tae lotions, and got extra sleep to help slide into para-sympathetic healing states. A facial helped my lymphatic circulation on the facial surfaces and regular massage- both self and professional helped my overall circulation. It was really great giving away all my big clothes and building a new look. I give a special thanks to my chiropractor Dr. Rainbow for chiropractic and "Emotion Code" sessions. Also to Lizzy Giovando for special nutrition advice. She does muscle testing now! Sign up on our consult list at the store for a specially priced consult. Find out the best foods for your body. I had my house checked for EMF and RF local radiation and ordered a canopy from Anything you can to to help yourself helps you be a better person for the people around you!

Our massage and facial departments are almost rebuilt and we have been pretty booked so please plan ahead. Be sure to put yourself on our waitlists because as my grandfather said,,," things change". We offer all the lovely services as always. If you are planning a wedding or special occasion, put your name on the list for Molly to call you back and discuss your plans. She is the manager of our facial department and specializes at personal makeup and updo's for weddings as well as amazing facials. Welcome Hannah to our esthetic department. Her enthusiasm and concern for your skin care needs is a plus to you and your skin. Katalin is a favorite for luxury facials, body waxing and prep for summer bikini wear and early spring vacations. Save the blades with a professional waxing service.

How are you doing? We heard a lot of your personal stories and challenges over the last few years and we hope you are recovering and well. Clients rave that a treatment and the hands on treatments can really refresh the spirit and erase a lot of tension so come on in and smooth out the crinkles in time. I am a little challenged as my website changed the requirements for photos. I'll throw that in the basket with my old phone. Back on the list of new things to learn. Please remember to stop by and stock up on essentials or order some online. Soft Shell is 27 years young but we still need community support through purchases to help maintain the business. We have a really great inventory of essential oils, candles, incense, body care, facial care, makeup, and bath accessories. New windchimes and suncatchers are the latest shipment that arrived. Thank you for taking care of you! See you soon. Proprietor-Michelle Wellington


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