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Back to Luxury: Medical Massage Inside, Clothed Chair and Table Massage Outside; Store Sales

With a doctor, chiropractor, dentist or other doctor referral, you can move inside to one of our beautiful and comfortable rooms to receive our traditional healing services of therapeutic massage. You will be able to redeem your gift certificates for massage therapy services that include hot towels, foot scrubs, hot stones ( when it is cold outside), inside. We are following all the health and safety rules and are providing you the best service that we can during these testy times.

Our facial department is waiting for the green light. Under the threat of losing their licenses, our estheticians cannot risk legal repercussions to begin unless the state health department gives them permissions. We are certain that our superior attention to cleanliness and sanitation as well as following all the cosmetology rules, will keep you safe to receive the brow waxes, body waxing and facial services you love and depend on.

To help you wait this tide of changes, we are doing a store sale for the rest of October to help you get through with healthy skin and body and a few gifts to help celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, bridal showers, and all the occasions we must grab to help celebrate our loved ones and ourselves.

For painful neck, shoulders, and back issues, we can help you immediately with a chair massage or table massage outside the store. Call the Soft Shell for details about our instore sales, our appointments for outside chair massage or how to do the indoor medical reference.

One way or another........SEE YOU SOON! Michellew and the Soft Shell Team


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