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When will Soft Shell be open for services?!

Almost there! It's been three months and we can't wait until we can provide you with the healing and therapeutic treatments. We have worked hard to make the rooms glow: newly painted, detailed furniture, elimination of any clutter, streamlined activities and sanitization dispensers everywhere you turn. The state released guidelines for those of us who work on faces or close to you was released on June 19th but we have to wait for the Sonoma County Health Director release the County to the next level on June 22th. We are very hopeful to be with you on the 23rd of June providing services that you have come to rely on.

Some of you ask: Why can't I receive a massage if my health provider includes it in preventative health savings plans? Do I have to wear a mask during the session? When are you really going to be open? What has changed? Why can't massage open with hair salons? I am sorry that it is taking so long but I have asked all those questions and emailed the Governor, listened in on the Board of Cosmetology, phoned the health department, emailed the city, prepared my readiness material for providers and the determination seems to be that as service providers, we must wear masks/shields and sometimes gloves while serving you along with our already stringent sanitization and sterilization of implements, equipment and surfaces. We change sheets for every client, sanitize all product containers and surfaces before and after every client and we have full guidance from Osha, California State Department, Sonoma County Health Department and the consumer protection governing boards of the CAMTC and Board of Cosmetology.

You will be expected to wear a mask when you arrive at the door until you are safely in the service room. We will also check your temperature with a body thermometer and ask you to fill out a form when you arrive to verify you don't have any virus symptoms. But-you will be able to receive facial treatments, facials, brow waxing, body waxing, facial massage, and body massage very soon. Long term, we will have permanently very clean habits and be proud of practicing how to protect our elders and those with immune deficiencies.

We promise to email you the minute that we can make appointments for services. Those of you that have appointments, you will receive your reminder call the night before. We may call and ask you a few questions before you arrive and then you will fill out a quick form on the day of your service. Your service provider will greet you and bring you to your room of escape. After your service, you will forget the last three months and be filled with happiness and relaxation. Hopefully!!!! Expect an email on the morning of JUNE 23rd. Promise.

Text (707)782-2170 once you receive your next email.

Or Phone us (707)773-4950

Or Visit our now open aromatherapy boutique and make your appointment in person while you shop!

Michelle W and the amazing SOFT SHELL team.

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