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Attractive Curbside and Stepping up for Reopen

GIfts and Self Care from Soft Shell

Our newest addition and intern Meghan B did a great job taking pictures of some Soft Shell products. People ask: What is Soft Shell? It's hard to put in a category because we have a little of everything you need and want. Perfect to gift to yourself or others that you care for and about. Soft Shell is about taking care of the Outer Shell of you.

Our Famous Amazing Services are on hold until our Governor decides the crisis is past but we have an amazing collection of what you want behind our blocked front door. You can Text us at 1-707-782-2170 and let us know what you want by sending a picture or writing the description. We are adding more and more pictures to our online shop where you can order for pickup or delivery and you can also call us 1-707-773-4950.

All Website Retail Orders are 15% off Through May 30th!

We are still selling Gift Certificates to be used for products now or for services the minute we get the green light from the Governor. All of the Soft Shell Team: Resident Massage Therapy Crew and Esthetician Team for Facials, Waxing and Makeup are practicing our new and current protocols to keep you healthy, healed and safe. Our Sales and Reception Support Staff are ready to help you now and always with careful sculpting of the product collection that will support you in health and happiness.

Aromatherapy at Soft Shell

We have all the aromatherapy in essential oils. We have Bath Salts, Shower Gels, Lotions, Cremes in many Flavors and Scents. We strive to collect lines that are rich in natural plant ingredients with local as our first choice and amazing imported to round out the choices.

Treat the teacher, friend, caregiver, sister, brother, wife, husband, mother, dad and children in your life that will benefit from well thought out useful gifts for room and body products.

Receive 15% off on products through May 30 and a bonus $10 retail card for Gift Certificates of $100 and more.

Incense, Candles and Sage

Get Groovy with our plant scented candles and hand rolled incense. Special collections of Amber resin, Sage Sprays, Joyful Incense and Mother's Fragrances are hand made and low in smoke because the ingredients are real. Enjoy a flash back and time age tradition of meditating to the scents and perfumes of precious ingredients. Fill your home with a pleasant feeling and help to clear the energy of your home ( which has become your castle in these days of shelter). We can help by giving you our available scents and taking pictures of the present you pick out so you can see it before we wrap it up for easy pickup and gifting.

See you Soon at Soft Shell. michellew

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