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Happy Nourishing Day to our Nurturers!

I take this day and space to thank all of Soft Shell Service Providers for their hours and years of diligent care of the members of our community. Clare, Joy, Paula, Corey and Molly are the core of our facial department. They take the time to listen, clean, and clear faces and bodies of stress, toxins and shape brows or produce smooth, soft skin for all occasions. They nurture their clients-you, by listening to what you need, making a plan to address your personal skin issues and coach you to take the time to step by step take control of your routines, add products when needed, and use their aesthetic skills to steam, treat, massage, exfoliate and then leave you moisturized, refreshed, and more able to enjoy your life. It is the personal hands on and intimate encouraging that our clients feel rounds out and adds to their lives. The interaction of caring and receiving the care is vital to our community and the basis of being human. You, the client, bring the smile that you see in the picture. The ability to truly make a difference in the life of others through care.

For the warriors of work, home and life, many of you have come to depend on the strong hands and soothing care of our conditioned massage therapists. Joy, Chandell, Michelle Lynn, Andrea, Samara, Sarah, Mishi, Kelsey, Johanna, Crystal, and myself ( Michelle W) have kneaded, pressed, smoothed, stretched, pounded, elbowed, petrisaged, cross-fibered, effleuraged, proded and revived sore achy, stressed, tight, and relieved exhausted muscles for many many years. Massage therapy helps to increase circulation, eliminate toxins, ease stress and calm the mind and body by increasing the ability of the body to communicate internally through external smoothing. Whether too many hours sitting in front of a computer, working in your garden, caring for children, caring for elders, caring for school children, caring for your family, pounding nails, fighting fires, nursing the ill or sick, fixing electrical wires, clearing plumbing, cutting glass, printing paper, printing shirts, cutting hair, polishing nails, chiropracting, accupuncturing, zooming, exercising, making beverages, making food, farming, tending to cattle, hens, and more, bartending, administrating, retiring, or thinking too much: This Soft Shell Team of Massage Therapists have cared for you and made your life better in the process. Many of you have expressed your thanks and we genuinely thank you for letting us help and heal you because that is our passion and goal.

So for Mother's Day, I want to thank all the nurturers and all of our clients for being a beautiful, helpful, kind and comforting part of the caring cycle of life. May we all look forward to peace and harmony in our community and the world.

Sincerely, Michellew

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