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Sleep tight or Dance all night!

Greetings from Petaluma and Soft Shell. Given our county's determined health strategy we have some extrapolated time on our hands. My fondness memories of wasting time include lying in the living room reading encyclopedia articles to my family as the rain beat down on the roof. I looked forward to room restriction after a brawl with my brother or sister. A pile of library books benefited from my awkward attempt to assert my side of a story. The uselessness of a good night sleep was often avoided by reading by the moonlight. Living miles from friends in the country made my family my closest allies for games, hiking in the fields and inventing imaginary escapes. Without an allowance, we invented promises of services in little stapled note books for my mom's birthday. I promise to: wash the dishes, rub your feet or comb your hair: I wrote. So. Isolation takes a nice spin when we pull out old sheet music, discover a box of saved treasures, design a new blog, paint a greeting card, fix a furniture piece, mend a piece of clothing or take time to look at all the intricate little flowers on our walks. Spend your time in discovery of new and lost treasures and you will look back at these next three weeks with fondness and a warm feeling.

How can you create healing and your own spa experience at home? Clean out your bathroom drawers and cabinets. Find a pretty bowl or dish to put all your oils, potions, masks, and scrubs. Add in bathing supplies like bubble bath, salts, analgesic warming or cooling gels, essential oils of single or blended notes and throw in some hand towels, tissues, and top of the pile with lotions and perfumes. During extra time you might find in the coming weeks: give yourself a facial including cleanser, exfoliation, another cleanse, a mask and finish with a warm towel wrap. Pull up a hand and reflexology chart on the web and give yourself a self treatment or take turns with a partner. Mix a bath salt with oil or a lotion and give yourself a full body scrub or focus on your elbows, knees, and feet. Sprinkle in some beautiful plant extract oils to enhance all your home treatments. Give your partner a thoughtful neck and shoulder massage. Start slow and relax all the neglected areas that are tense and use lotion or oil to hydrate dry skin.

Soft Shell will probably be closed for the next few weeks or until the county decides it is safe for us to collectively mill about once more. We will be planning ahead to April for appointments. If you would like a gift card for a birthday or special occasion we can send you a photo of a gift card that you can present, forward or print to give to your loved one, family member or co-workers. If you want to plan ahead for a special occasion, leave us an email at or leave a voicemail at 707-773-4950 or text 707-782-2170 and we will communicate back within 24 hours. The Soft Shell staff and spa team look forward to seeing you again. Please take care. Use heat packs for tight muscles, use the essential oil blends you have to complement your natural remedies. Keep up with your facial routines to face the day. We will be announcing sales on skin care and makeup in the coming days. Take care and be well. And of course.....wash those hands and sleep tight.... or dance all night! And keep you, and your loved ones safe and secure.

Take care all. Michellew

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