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In Pursuit of loving vibes

When was the last time you had a day or 15, 30 or 60 minutes of time for you? Or for you and a loved one? Sometimes that includes time to do nothing but stare at the sky, work on a hobby or read something fun-maybe not even educational. Or better yet, took the time for a day of beauty and restoration!? Schedule an appointment for a relaxing or targeted massage to address and relieve muscle aches and overall tension. Our special this month is the Luxury Elemental Massage with a rose infused experience ( think Soap Cauldron's local rose body butter, Snow Lotus Rose Essential oil and rose hydrosol). Add the rose and coconut foot scrub, some steamy towels and a green mud mask painted over your deserving back and steamed into a detoxifying and lifting experience. 75 min $105 or 90 min $120. Take home some glow with a Himalyan Fair trace Pink Salt Lamp that infuses the air with negative ions and purchase a Dreamtime heat pack for quick relief of sore muscles between treatments. Don't forget to stock up on essential oil blends with delicate flower essence infusions ( LOCAL) like Nectar Essence Breathe Me "Sleep, Calm Relief, and Super Immunity". Our analygesic products have aloe vera, capsicum and arnica blends with menthol in lots of formulations. Muscle Linament lotions and serum is a favorite Snow Lotus (LOCAL) oil that our therapists frequently recommend.

If you want to look your best and feel the clean aura of your skin after an esthetic treatment, turn to our devoted staff of estheticians who will clean, exfoliate, treat and moisturize the delicate skin of your face, chest, or try a back facial. We are featuring a special relaxing and dreamy "Lovely Rose Facial" this month ( 60 min for $90). Upgrade with add-ons like eye treatment pads of cucumber or gold infused (add $10) or a hand scrub and moisture treatment (add $10)

Soft Shell Esthetician Staff

Try the new favorite: the 90 minute Luxury facial for $130 which includes hand and foot warming booties, and extra pampering. Bring a customized skin care regime by mixing and matching the best skin items for your skin type. Pick from our aromatherapy serums, clinical masks and lovely moisturizers to regenerate the energy in your skin.

Don't forget to fit in time for a brow shaping or body waxing to leave your skin smooth and soft to the touch. Buy a body exfoliant (VTAE naturals body scrub is $14.99). Don't forget to ask for a stamp card for products purchase which equals a 9-10% back on purchases after you fill it. Look for in store specials as well ( no stamps on sales items but you get a great deal at the time).

What are you waiting for? Do plan ahead for scheduling if you can for peak times. We will see you soon!

Thank you. Soft Shell since 1996.

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