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Onward with nurturing the shell of your self while slowing down for amusing details.

Recently I started feeding the little chickadees on the lawn from the huge bag of bird seed I got on sale. Listening to the commercials on the Rockabilly Road House on the Crush radio station on Saturday mornings inspired me to do this. Along came a grey squirrel who needed a bit more so I bought some sunflower seeds which did the trick. Next, a set of crows who are starting a family wanted to get in on the action so I supplement them with 5 nuts a day until the walnut trees and acorns give them a natural source. As I go out to feed the birds each morning, I notice the flowers and plants that need my attention and with a little pruning and shaping and clearing out competition, they have started to reflect happiness. So much that the neighborhood deer family were caught on camera doing a little trimming themselves-getting in on the act! As I was warned, a couple of field mice have chewed in on the bird seed bag and are supplementing their diets too. Interesting insects have grouped about living on the fringes of the others food chain and lately a blue jay or two have joined in on the party.

By attending to the immediate stimuli of our gardens or inside homes, the giving game can reward and feed our souls. Give and get back the unexpected. The joy comes from doing the little things we can to make survival easier for birds or plants in this example and extends to our family, neighbors and to ourselves. The nurture is to pull from our nature the best we have to come up with solutions for what our eyes see, our minds instruct us and our hearts urge us to do. Sometimes we go too far until bears start knocking on our doors and we disrupt natures way by creating artificial dependence. Be mindful that nurturing the world before nurturing ourselves can also be dangerous and a costly mistake. Yes, I have decided to buy a bird feeder that is squirrel proof, lock up the seed in a fool proof container, research the pro's and con's of feeding animals and buying a protective screen for my avocado bush so that it too will have a chance in life!

But also, remember to breathe, bathe, and be there for thyself. Take a bath, massage your limbs with a cooling lotion, preen with a facial mud mask and dry brush your skin. As the maestro of our own lives, we can create our living environment to be like a desert, a mountain or lush garden. We can pave it over all in cement, till the land for fruit trees and gardens or monoculture life to be only one thing. We wake up to feed our dogs or cats, our families, the community, and ourselves. Or maybe we need a little help from others to help us with the creative side or supplement us during a hard time. However we get the nurture we need, we must have that to fill the well of our soul in order to give to others.

At our day spa and aromatherapy store Soft Shell, we see the friends and families purchase certificates for those that need nurturing. Receiving a massage service or facial treatment might be like the relief a small bird feels to have fresh water and seed. A special gift of a hand cream or bath bubbles can help loved ones feel hydrated and relaxed. Like an oasis of fresh water for animals, we are there to greet and treat your human troubles like blemishes, age spots, or tired skin. Our massage therapists help you relieve aches and pains from all that life demands. Our products help to smooth, exfoliate, treat and hydrate. Our makeup counter throws in the fun and feathers of life with foundations, lipsticks and eye area beautifiers for your work or fun look. I hope your day is pleasant and that you look for amusement details of life around you!

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