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Winter, spring, summer, or fall

Every season has it's feeling. It's really winter here with snow on the mountains last week and if you peek over the mountains, St. Helena boasts a white cap. In the middle of the hail, the downpour and the sunny bits with a rainbow yesterday, one evening, I felt a warm breeze that must have made it's way all the way from Hawaii where my sis lives. The rain reminds me of raking street gutters to free them from leaves and the pooling water in the pouring rain. My job was the lawn and the leaves and helping my sister and brother fold newspapers at 5:30 in the morning. There is something wise and refreshing about rising early and feeling the biting cold or enveloping fog.

soap cauldron at soft shell

This morning the sun shines and birds of all kinds are talking about food and the weather. Nourishment helps to warm our bodies. And then there is our outer shell that needs its nourishment. Try one of the Rose Coconut or Gravenstein Apple Soap Cauldron Body Butters. Or EO's solo massage/body oil made with lavender oils. A little sore from farming, riding horses or cooking up a storm in the kitchen? Pure Touch Ice Chi soothes with arnica, aloe vera and cooling ingredients while our

Capsicum Hot Rub takes it up a notch for all your achy spots. Protect your skin with MDSolar Sciences with 30-50+ protection from the sun if you are baring your face to the sun on a long bike ride or lovely walk by the Petaluma River. Or Soak in a bath with local Nectar Essence Calm Bath Salts.

soft shell capsicum soothing for aches

Have a lovely day from Soft Shell Day Spa and Aromatherapy Boutique and me! Off to work. See you at the shop.

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