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Caswell Massey

The oldest perfumery in United States produces triple milled soaps, perfumes, hand creams, body lotions, Yellowstone wild crafted perfumes and men's shaving creams, colognes and accessories.  The present focus is on perfumes that set the mood and establish a personal scent.  Ever changing product evolution is the Caswell Massey Way.  From keeping Presidents smelling good to indulging  the masses, Check out this line at Soft Shell Gift Boutique.

New arrivals are in.


Panier Des Sens

These aromatherapy blends are scented from natural extracts from jasmine, provenance citrus, sea samphire, rose geranium, and rose blossom.  Choose from Marseille hand soaps, perfumes, hand creams, body lotions, shower gels and soaps wrapped in decorative paper.  Mix and match or theme for gifts or yourself.  

Warm up with Dreamtime Body Wraps

Warm up your heat pack in a few minutes in the microwave.  Neck, back and body wraps are long time favorites to beat the cold, heat up aching muscles in neck, shoulders, back or wherever!  Originally based in Santa Cruz, the collection features sinus eye pillows, sleep masks, and huggable animal shaped heat buddies.  

There I was sitting at my desk at home thinking that if I turn up the dial on the heater, my heat bill is going to fly high.  But I turned to my steady Dreamtime body wrap and after two minutes, the warmth on my shoulders relaxed me deeply.  

For restless nights, the sweet scent of lavender seeping out of my eye pillow mellows me and dreamtime arrives.

Bath Accessories

It's been far too long since you've done the soap up, scrub, and rough up your body with a natural brush with long handle, short handle and no handle.

Your skin likes a good exfoliation to stimulate new growth by increasing circulation and roughing up dead skin cells so the new ones can step right up.  From natural bristles to reme cloth made from natural fibers to bath pillows for comfort or shower caps.  Soft Shell has you covered, scrubbed and clean.

natural bath accessories.jpg

 Three Sisters Apothecary

Soap Cauldron 

Sonoma County

Pick from a wide selection of delicious natural flavors like Santa Rosa Plum, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Rose or Coastal Cedar Bath Salt mineral-rich ocean and Epsom salts.  The key actives and natural botanicals relieve aches and detoxify the body while replacing needed nutrients. Soak - 20 oz.  If you don't have a bathtub, you can soak your hands or feet in a tub of water with these salts for softness and detox.  Other items include soaps, body balms, balms with arnica, lip balms and soothers, scrubs, hair shampoo and conditioners and shaving products. Support local X 2!


bareMinerals Medium Coverage Foundation

Hydrating Foundation Stick is suited for all skin types as a foundation for dry skin.

25 SPF


Peter Thomas Roth

This non-stripping, fragrance-free cream cleanser gently removes makeup, excess oil and impurities while moisturizing skin with a liquid cloud of pure water vapor drawn from the atmosphere.  

Water Drench comes in a foaming cloud mask, serums and moisturizers.  Hydrate on a cloud!

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