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Spring into a refreshed you!

by Michelle W,

It's time for the annual butter and eggs parade on the 23rd! Local Parades, food, wine, and special time with friends and family are some of the reasons why people love Petaluma. Shape up your look with an updated makeup selection. We have lipsticks, blushes, highlighters, concealers, foundations, eyeliners, brushes and more. You can ask for help from the front desk and have them help you test colors and get a new item to replace your favorites. Take time to look through your makeup bag, purse and drawers and make a list that we can help you fill. A gift certificate for a loved one towards makeup and skin care can be a good way to lift the spirits of a loved one on a budget. Makeup is art and the face is the canvas. Have fun expressing yourself.

Remember to add in the power of healing essential oils to your daily routine. We have a great selection of Nectar Essence which is a local Petaluma line blended with essential oils and flower essences and a base to ensure safe and easy application to pulse points, add to a diffuser, put in a bath or add to a bath salt or moisturizer. These oils are carded and have use instructions on the back. My favorites are super immunity which I take when traveling, and the good mood blend which helps me keep a positive frame of mind during the challenges of the day. Other favorites are destress and unwind and sleep.

Essential oil lines we carry include Sonoma County's Snow Lotus with amazing blends, 8 Days sprays and moisturizers, Elizabeth Van Buren essential oils and earth elements. Most of our body care is scented naturally with essential oils. Smell the difference of plant power. Essential Oils are the immune system and spirit of the plant. Once extracted, the benefits are saved in colored bottles and accessible to us. We order monthly so if you don't see what you like, let us know and we can include it in the next order.

Do you have this in your supply cabinet? The new packaging is a pretty cream color for all the items in the line. Try out the spf lip gloss, the night treatment and any of the face or body sunscreens and feel the difference. There are many reasons to pick this Line: MD Solar Sciences including safe physical screens of titanium dioxide and reef safe ingredients. Enjoy your time in the sun and on vacation with a high quality skin protector.

Our stained glass is coming back in. A favorite gift and home item to filter and bring color to your environment. Pick up some candles for outdoor deck parties or inside picnics. Add a warm glow to any occasion with long lasting candles. We have plenty of uplifting blends and colors for any home color scheme. Soft Shell also has a great new selection of wind chimes to pick up the laughter of the wind.

Remember to ask for your soft shell stamp card with any retail purchase to add up to a discount. Happy Spring. MW


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