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Hustle and Bustle and Bring Good Cheer

The ending of December brings celebrations and the welcome of Winter at it's apex. Gift Cards for Services and Products make shopping easy. We have an online option but you can also come in and purchase in our shop. Remember that parking can be crazy and limited so shop early in the day and utilize the A lot, the parking garage by Petaluma Market or walk in. Taking a taxi or Uber or Lift can also take the pressure off if you are planning on a long stay in downtown. Enjoy your day with a meal, shopping and a chauffer as it were. All gift Certificates include a fancy holiday bag for easy presentation. Purchase products and receive a stamp card for dollar discounts for the future. The online store has a limited selection of all the items we carry but we promise to update in the future.

We have many bubble baths, soap, lotions, hand creams, bath salts and aromatherapy. Housewarmings are easy with an inspirational candle, sage or incense. We can help you put together a gift in the store or you can browse and explore all the yummy scents and sights.

ur salon selection of Bare Minerals Counter is stocked and ready. We added Buxom this year for lip plumping. You can text us if you want to be sure we have your favorite in stock. Ask Lisa P. or Maddy M. for makeup advice. Our estheticians can answer your skin care questions in a short consult or enjoy a facial for in depth analysis of your skins needs.

Schedule ahead for massage therapy as our scheduled therapists are in high demand. Many of the facials include some neck and shoulder massage as well a hand and arm massage during the hour. Some of our estheticians can provide both services. Stay cozy in the same room!

We have adjusted prices several times in the last month to fit the needs of the therapists and the operations of the shop. Some of the salon prices have risen as a three year adjustment from 2019. We appreciate your understanding.

Try a peel series for the new year or a course recommended by one of our estheticians. Peels can help to reveal fresh skin faster and help to lighten and brighten. You can do peels in a package and commit to weekly or monthly facials or try a single facial for a trial to see if this is a good strategy for you! Start with an exfoliating facial and start to use professional skin care at home to begin your process of beauty renewal.

See you soon! Soft Shell Staff


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