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September Update

Hello! After surviving the midst of a heat wave, a fire, the cover of ashes in the air, and now some windy warm days ahead, Soft Shell remains available for you in the following ways:

1. SHOP: Boutique is open for shopping in store with social distancing. We have a full stock of all your favorites. We are using our stamp cards again which lead to a discount of $10 when full. Look for monthly specials posted in the store. September save on Peter Thomas Roth or Soft Shell Professional Skincare. Mention this CODE: Soft Shell 65423 for your discount. ( No stamping with sales specials.)

2. ONLINE: Order online ( with personal follow-up). You can pay for delivery or pick up curbside or order and come in to browse for last minute needs and questions.

3. SKIN CONSULTATIONS: ( text questions to our text phone and request a text or phone call from one of our estheticians

4. OUTDOOR MASSAGE: Clothed chair massage and clothed table massage ( directly in front of the shop) and soon in our beautified parking lot!

5. PATIENCE: We are waiting for the county to decide when we can open our indoor services. Napa and Marin Counties are now open and we hope to be the next county. We have been separated from our previous grouping from the hair salons which is disappointing but we are bearing the burden as well as expected.

6. LOCAL: Remember that every dime you spend locally recirculates. When you buy from suppliers out of town and out of state, you can kiss your local businesses and the joy they bring you.... goodbye. Please support LOCAL. Can't wait to see you again! Love Soft Shell

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