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Soft Shell savings and more... to pass the time of day

Hello to all the Soft Shell Loyalists!

Thank you for enjoying the sidewalk sale this last weekend. It was fun to see you all out and about supporting local business in the downtown of Petaluma. This week we are featuring in store sales which are posted by signs on product groupings and a store wide sale of 15 % off everything is this week July 27th -July 31st. If you are timid about entering or mingling even at a distance we can walk your purchases to the curb. Just call 773-4950 or text 782-2170. We have other sales on our classic collection of Canvas Bags, Cosmetic Brushes, Dreamtime body wraps with aromatherapy for aching muscles, Salt Rock Lamps for Negative Ion environments, and Costume/Creative Jewelry. Take time to visit. Use sanitizer as you walk in for clean shopping.

During our downtime until services can restart, we are offering free skin care consultations with Clare Sutton and Molly Laprade. These Licensed Estheticians can help you pick out skin care for your delicate, rough or dehydrated skin. If you have a teen, we can walk you and your young one through the steps to healthy skin and the importance of starting the habit of self care. We have treatment for young skin and acne issues as well as advice to follow for a life-time. Enjoy 15% on Sunscreens to start protecting from pigment changes.

soft shell skin care

Stress can be calmed with simple measures of using aromatherapy for better sleep or more energy, muscle balms for too many hours in front of the computer and for the working people, soaps and lotions to clean and protect the skin. Our Sunscreen selections are from 15-50% protection and we have natural serums and local choices wherever possible.

We are hoping for August 3rd for our reopening date but time will tell. Thank you to those of you that came in for services the 3 weeks we were open. It felt good to give you an escape from stress and worry or pressure in our current climate. See you all soon. Michellew

Complextion Rescue with SPF 30 with hydration and tinted formulas

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