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The Soft way to self-care

It looks like we have at least three Sundays and maybe four Sundays more before we can venture out as the ground hog does in February. This is an excellent time to take stock of how you care for yourself daily, weekly and monthly. Once the virtual locks on the doors have been removed, we can slowly slide back into our routines with chiropractors, doctor and dentist visits, hair salons, nails, facials, and massage. Did I mention waxing? Oh my how the forest has grown. Until then, you must do your best at giving to yourself the care you need and deserve. This one life should be treated kindly and with respect.

Soft Shell is presently building an online library of all the products that you will be able to buy online for shipping or pickup. We can still offer you products for sale by text: Text (707)782-2170 over a picture or description of the products that you want. You can call ( 707)773-4950 between 11-3 daily and 9-12 on the weekends. Leave a message and we will call you back. You can also email more complicated questions or scheduling to Although we are not providing massage, facials and waxing ( or makeup lessons) until the shelter in place order is lifted, if you are facing an issue with muscle pain or skin care questions, we will do the best we can at connecting you with a provider to give you advice. Just call or text.

In the meantime, what to do? Wash all your makeup brushes in light soap and water and leave to dry in the sun. Clean and scrub purses and bags and organize your loose items in an organized way. Keep a set of essential oils in a small purse for assistance with sleep, memory, decongestion, immunity and just to smell good. Take advantage of this time to set aside time to give yourself a manicure, a nice bubbly bath or a home facial using all the extra time to really pamper your skin. Massage can flush the inflammation and impurities from the body and help reduce blood pressure by relaxing muscles around the body's circulation. Your face is your contact with the public. Remember to massage very gently around the eye area with simple tapping method to aid creams to supply hydration to your delicate areas.

Plan ahead for an appointment at Soft Shell. We will be planning for appointments in May and June and July. We can't wait to get back to helping and healing you!.


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