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Curious Creativity

How's it going? No it's not snowing right now but wouldn't it be nice to turn back time a little. The trees and plants all glow a little brighter every day. Our walks get longer as we realize fresh air is a lovely commodity. After the disaster of spending many more hours with loved ones than in many years, it's getting easier. The sounds of howling at 8 o'clock is the new socially collective experience. And children. They are all over the house, on bikes and scooters and gracing deserted streets with their parents. School is not out, it is in the house. Our thoughts are with our elders and sensitive friends who battle with the new threat to health and happiness. We watch too much news.

We share silly videos. My friends in Mexico sent me an old BeeGees video and my friend in New Zealand, the experience of Womad. My mate watched the streamed duo of Reverend Horton Heat with Jimbo (donations of $5.00 a person), and seminars zoom in and out of groups of many. My last blog encouraged you to remember your spa rituals at home. Did You? What are we all doing, accomplishing, cleaning and playing in our little houses of shelter?

At first I thought-Oh I'll have time to get all kinds of projects done. But applications and worry and time spent making sure my little tribe of people are doing ok and surviving set precedent over my trivial pursuits. We will survive. Our days of dining, playing and dancing will return. Don't hold your breathe. Be careful with cleansers. Take time to care for you. Take a bath or rub your feet. Take care of your lungs and heart by eating and excercising the best you can. Take those walks, and keep those beautiful dreams and positive thoughts. And take time to do absolutely nothing. And be postive with your housemates. A smile is a frown turned upside down! And give us a masky smile!

Lots of love, All of us from Soft Shell

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