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Green plants and cool lotion fend off hot waves

Hopefully you have a plethora of plants to shade and cool your environment. Trees and plants convert the suns undulating waves into growth through photo synthesis if I remember my high school science correctly. Try sitting for 10 minutes in the sun and then 10 minutes under a tree. Quite a difference! Add a sun hat for more protection from the glare. Most of the best lotions are made from plant products. They might contain aloe vera, coconut oil, corn by-products, herbs, calendula, arnica and essential oils. Not only are the plants shading and cooling the earth but as skin care products, they offer protection from the sun. Keep to simple sunscreens that have ingredients like titanium dioxide or iron oxides or limit your time in the sun during peak hours between 11 and 3. Plants also contain moisture binding elements. Hydration is key during hot days. Drink hydrating drinks or better yet; eat fruits and vegetables high in water content like cucumber, watermelon, celery, oranges, apples and blended smoothies.

I like to sit in the sun daily for brief periods of time to acclimate my skin and body to the time of year.

Maybe it is small lesson for the skin to begin to get tuff, My favorite lotions that we carry in Soft Shell are

the Moku Pua body butters that are made with all natural ingredients from Hawaii. Vicki uses lots of plant ingredients, shea butter and amazing Hawaiian plant extras for scents like plumeria, jasmine and pikake. Another great lotion is the Vtae California Naturals line with a great selection of Rose, Lavender, Lemon, Almond, Vanilla, and Coconut Tangerine. A wonderful group of ladies make these products and Soft Shell has carried Vtae for 23 years. Try their body butter in Lavender or Coconut. They have a whipped Shea Butter in the ingredients that is nurturing and protective. We carry MD Solar Sciences for Sun Screen for those of you that want sun protection in the 30-50 range. Our Soft Shell skin care has a sun screen with z-cote and Uv A and B protection. Try an Aloe Azulene mask for hydration to plump your skin with vitamin E and aloe vera.

Ok. Have to go to work!

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