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Cooling off a warm heart

With the next celebrated holiday of the heart around the corner, cold weather slows us down and arranges us inside more than not. Taxes, year end paperwork, collecting leaves from gutters and sidewalks, keeping the mud out of the house, exposes us to the elements and forces us to draw the drapes to save our heating bill. Layers of clothes collect as we shed them and shuffle them from place to place. While some cutely prepare for romantic occasions, others remember love in fleeting or enduring memories. While updating our day planners and new year calendars ( or click forward on phone data), we rehash the errors, comedies, appointments and commitments of the year before and vow to make this year more of a wow. With cold fronts coming in leading blocking of the sun by fog and clouds, and the groundhog day do or don't of 6 more weeks of the same, our hearts need a little help.

So. Pour a warm cup of tea with a favorite like Traditional Medicinal Breathe Easy. Put your heating pad in the microwave one minute at a time until you have the perfect heat. Fill up your heart shaped hot water bottle and heat up your bed before you pop in. Plug in your salt rock to heat the color of the room. Shop at one of the local downtown store so you can feel the texture of your winter wear purchase and support local. Leave your house at the coldest and most gray times and sit in the company of others at a The Tea Room or Water Street Bistro or Riverfront Café. You might catch some music in the afternoons or evenings at a bigger restaurant like Red Brick, the Riverfront Café and Aqus Cafe. All those people gathered will keep you warm!

At Soft Shell, we heat our beds with heated pads and mix hot towels into your service. Try a luxury massage with hot towels, heated back mask and warmed salty foot scrub to escape the cold and nurture your heart. We have rose quartz hearts and other stones to share some vibrational love and still have some winter hats of wool to keep your head and ears warm. All year we stock heat packs that can be warmed in the microwave and have some new scents to check out. Safe Candles with aromatherapy Aroma Candles, Crystal Journey, or Wicked Bean have metal or glass containers and add a glow to the dinner table ( and a little heat too). Warm the heart of a loved one or yourself with a cozy hour Aromatherapy Facial on that heated pad with lots of warm steam and warm towels or a Classic Relaxation Massage to help with circulation in the arms, hands and legs. Don't forget your feet with hot towels and a foot scrub add on to any treatment for only $10 extra.

Keep your cold heart warm and smiling. Maybe even singing.

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