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Imagination leads to a path of relaxation

Staring out the window one day, looking at the clouds, I tried to imagine how the wind and texture of the clouds would feel if I was amongst them in the sky. That night I received a lovely dream of floating and bouncing about on the clouds. Our lives can be enriched by imagination. Some clients benefit by imagining they are on a tropical island on a beach receiving their massage or facial under a shade palapa. Others can focus on a flowing body full of movement that contrasts with the actuality of pain or aches they might feel. Somewhere between reality and the wish, dream or visualization, the two points meet. Hopefully the wanted or imagined state lifts up the elementary state of being and lleads us to new heights.

A friend of mine told me to be specific about my dreams. If I wanted a car- to pick out the color, the make and model. If I wanted clothing, to be specific about what kind of material and color and cost. "You will often get what you want" he said," but if you aren't specific, the result will be general and not as good as you would have if you used your imagination." Sure enough, that is the way life seems to become. A thought, a direction, a vision and the reality. So be imaginative and be specific.

When making an appointment for a massage or facial, be sure to let your scheduler and then service provider know what you imagine your service to entail. Do you want a quiet reclusive session or to talk through all the painful knots and release through communicating pressures and causes? Do you want an extraction facial or peel related to results or a relaxing dreamy facial with aromas? Do you want some dramatic makeup to feed the dramatist in you or a classic, simple lstyle to suit your down home inner beauty? I encourage you to imagine and dream. Such a nice way to be!

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