Watersperse Massage Oil is the most innovative product you can use. We have blended the highest quality cold-pressed oils with a coconut derived skin conditioner which also facilitates the dispersibility of oil in water.


How Watersperse Works

The ability to disperse or break apart in water can be demonstrated simply by taking a glass of water and pouring in two or three tablespoons of your present oil and stirring. You will witness the fact that oil and water do not mix. Now do the same procedure using Watersperse Massage & Bath Oil. Upon stirring, you will see the oil disperse and the water cloud. This action occurs in the laundry process so in many cases the removal of product from linens can be done very easily without the use of harsh and environmentally harmful detergents.


Keeping Your Linens Clean

Some linens may grip oily materials more tenaciously than others. Linens made of synthetic fibers, such as polyester, nylon, etc., may absorb oil more readily than cotton. For the laundry process use warm water and pre-treat large saturated areas with a liquid detergent and wash as usual. For particularly oily linens or when dealing with synthetic fabrics, you may wish to pre-soak with liquid detergents.

Watersperse Massage Oil - 8 fl oz

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