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This non-foaming skin hydrating cleanser has a unique blend of Aloe Vera, and Sea Algae Extracts, and a refreshing scent of Orange essential oil. Green Tea, Olive, Rosehips, Coconut, Kiwi and Hibiscus Extracts are newly incorporated to boost hydration, and condition your skin. Sucrose Cocoate is a natural sugar ester that cleanses the skin gently, removing surface debris and make-up. This non-foaming gel cleanser is excellent for all skin conditions especially sensitive skin types. Recommended after laser treatments or any chemical peels.



  • Algae – Derived from seaweed, it is a natural mineralizing agent that can condition dehydrated and premature aged skin by stabilizing moisture content.
  • Aloe Vera Gel – Aloe has been known for its anesthetic, anti-bacterial, and tissue restorative properties. Provides excellent hydrating, softening and soothing qualities.
  • Sucrose Cocoate – A Japanese patented sugar ester, made from a mixture of sucrose and coconut derivative that is an excellent cleansing ingredient.

Limu Facial Cleanser

PriceFrom $22.00
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