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Flight to Flow

As the fall season scatters leaves everywhere, we spread our wings to take a look at what to do: family visiting, house fluffing, nick knack iconic looks, and financial appropriating. It may be buying health, makeup and skin care for a travel near or far, plugging in a salt lamp, celebrating handmade cards, bringing out cold weather ware to be washed and hanging ready for chilly nights, or learning a new menu to dazzle your hungry invites.

Soft Shell is stocked with warm pashima scarves and fun art socks to keep you warm. We have immunity boosting aromatherapy oils: peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, palmrosa and then uplifting oils: bergamot, lemon, orange, and grapefruit or warming oils: cinnamon to and more. Look for our Dreamtime warm body wraps filled with microwavable grains and scented with warming or cooling scents.

We distribute three local aromatherapy based companies. Although the rose blossoms are fading in the garden but we have lovely rose oils captured in local products. Snow lotus presents the Triple Goddess, absolutes and facial serums with argan and rose. Soap Cauldron has a lovely Rose and Coconut in a body balm, bath scrub, bath salt and lip balm. Try Nectar Essences sleep blend for a calming bedtime soother perfume. All these lines have immunity boosting blends that incorporate the benefits of eucalyptus, rosemary, peppermint and tea tree to support good health.

Soft Shell is all about the natural sense of things. It can be the softness of fabric, the warming sensation of an oil, the extracted fragrant odor of plant power, the negative ions flowing from a fair trade salt lamp or the faint recognition of crushed cherry skins in a lip balm. In our custom hands on spa treatments, we incorporate scents, textures along with steamy towels and delicate massage to relax you. Our table warmers come in handy in the cool days to keep you floating and flowing during your treatments. Try a cucumber rose or water drench facial or have a custom experience for your skin type. Luxuriate in a flowing lavender massage or add some deep tissue with muscle soother oil to really stretch and knead out those tight muscles.

Don't forget the razzle and dazzle of the coming holidays with our amazing selection of simple jewelry, Bareminerals Make Up Holiday Kits, and of course the perfect housewarming, celebrating gift certificate for any occasion.

So fly over soon to Soft Shell to help you flow through the season! See you soon at Soft Shell!


himalayan salt rock lamp

We have a salt rock lamp in many of our massage and facial rooms. The negative ions fix the inflammatory nature of positive ions. The natural orange glow fills the room. This prepares you for a good sleep and looks beautiful. We have many varieties and sizes at Soft Shell.

Below is a sample of our neck wraps. Heat them them up and drape around sore and strained muscles. Heat is a natural healer. Combine that with one our natural analgesics with warming elements: Sombra warming or cooling gel, Snow Lotus muscle relax or muscle linament, Soft Shell Capsicum cream. Recover faster and feel better by loving your muscles that work so hard for you! A therapeutic massage can help you identify tight muscles and increase circulation.


dreamtime heatable pillows

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