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Protect your face from too much blue light

Have you found yourself facing a little too much screen time? Screens from computers, pads and cell phones emit a blue light spectrum which may send signals to your skin to protect itself and darken pigment. Bare Minerals has come up with a solution. Complexion Rescue Defense Protection. It comes in only one translucent color: Soft Radiance. It is applied with the same brush as Complexion Rescue which has SPF protection for ultraviolet spectrum but is applied after your moisturizer and before applying foundations. Our full salon collection of Bare Minerals has a tester for you to try it. Come in for a free foundation and color matching today!

Looking at blue light can affect your beauty sleep and your natural rhythm of sleep and awake energy. Plug in a fair trade Salt Rock Lamp to create a healthy golden color like a sunset. They emit negative ions from the salt content and you can pretend to be breathing fresh ocean air! The negative ions balance the positive ions in the air while the color spectrum is more relaxing for your brain. Hematite Bracelets from SOUL KU are a lovely gift and the hematite naturally absorbs heat. For fiery personalities- this is a must to stay cool! Take a salt bath to your body, scrub our skin with a VTAE bath and body scrub and use our natural bath brushes to dry brush or scrub skin in the shower.

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